The Happy Birds Show

Includes over 25 tricks as well as parrots that talk and sing.  After the show, party goers will have an opportunity to hold a parrot.

Performances can be held in your home, backyard, favorite resturaunt or any safe location.

Prepare to be amazed! Our famous parrot performers have been featured on The Tonight Show, Pet Star, and The Ellen Show and even in the Guinness Book of World Records.  This is your chance to have them at your party or celebration. 

It's Exciting

The Happy Birds Show is designed for indoor or outdoor performances. The birds' performance is fast-paced and upbeat, and they incorporate more than 25 amazing tricks into the show. This includes:

• Riding a Bike
• The Shell Game
• Riding a Scooter
• Talking & Singing Songs
• Playing Basketball
• Animal Impersonations
• Raising the Flag
• 360 Degree Swing
• Skateboarding
• Flying Parrot Tricks (if venue is a good fit)
• Opening Drinks
• Audience Participation & Much More

Happy Birds serves San Jose, California and the Bay Area. You can view our service page to learn more or reach out to our team.

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People Having Fun With Parrots